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Stat Plot is a blog site that aims to help spread knowledge and know-how’s towards getting a better status in life. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a guide on how to become rich or have more money. It absolutely cannot help with regards to acquiring anything material, instead further understanding of certain topics in general to hopefully cause an advancement of some sort.


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Equipped with our regular and relevant content, we encourage our readers to start plotting a more convenient and improved lifestyle status. Various topics such as finance, health, sports, education etc. will be covered and discussed. Browse through our compilation of nothing but useful articles and leave comments where you see fit.


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As this website is and will continue to be a work in progress, we’d like to encourage everyone to send through any reactions or suggestions as to how we can improve on basically any aspect of this exciting endeavour we have embarked upon. Drop us a friendly line thru our form on this page and let us know your thoughts and… don’t be a troll 😛