One of the worries that some people have when hiring temporary staff for events is the fact that they may never have worked with them before. It feels like a risk, however, provided that you work with a reputable recruitment agency, you should be able to relax in the knowledge that they would only hire and supply the finest candidates. That said, it’s still important to be prepared for managing them when the times comes. In this post, we’re going to share some top tips for managing temporary staff at events.

1 – Create clear staff entry points

It doesn’t look professional having staff turn up for their shift during an event, through the main entrance. As such, you should define clear staff entry points so that the main throughways can be kept clear. Ensure that all of the staff, whether temporary or permanent are aware of where they need to be, how they can gain access, and of course, where the emergency points are.

2 – Have everyone sign in

You must ensure that everyone signs in when they turn up for their shift. This is both a great safety measure, but a handy way of monitoring who turned up on time and who did not. Don’t forget, events are incredibly busy, and you can’t be everywhere all at once.

3 – Clear on-site reporting

With big venues and temporary staff who may have never visited it before, it is important that you give clear instructions for on-site reporting. This is to ensure that all of your temporary staff can turn up on time and easily find their superior so that they can get stuck into work without delay or any unnecessary anxiety.

4 – Team delegation

Another great tip is to sort your temporary staff into teams, perhaps headed up by permanent employees that you can trust and rely on. This way you can sort people into their specialised field and ensure that they are working to their potential. Of course, prior to this it is worth hosting a team introduction event, where members of staff, both temp and permanent can meet with and get to know one another. This is perfect for creating synergy and ensuring that everything runs as smoothly as possible.

5 – Host a detailed briefing

Of course, there is nothing more important than the briefing! This can be tied in with the team introduction, where employees can meet and get to know one another. After an informal introduction, you can then move onto a moral formal briefing, where you can start delegating and organising everyone into their teams and designations. Following that, it could also be a good idea to see if any of your temporary staff have any ideas or suggestions for improving the event. You never know what an experienced events temp might be able to bring to the table.


Preparation and communication are the two key factors at play here. Be open and communicative with your temporary staff, and also make sure that you do what you can to prepare them for the big event. Again, if you look to a reputable events staffing agency like First Class Crew, you should be able to get your hands on a large team of qualified, experienced, and professional candidates to assist you.