Camping is a whole lot of fun, when done properly. Thus, if you don’t do your due diligence and rush into a trip unprepared, it can actually be rather disastrous, and in some cases dangerous. So, it’s important to do a little research before you head out into the great outdoors. Don’t panic! This post isn’t intended to put the fear in you and to put you off. It’s simply to highlight the fact that there are things that can go wrong if you’re not aware of or prepared for them. Have a read of these, bear them in mind and you’ll have an amazing time!

1 – Failing to research where you’re heading

You may think that you can head out pretty much anywhere and pitch a tent, but you’ be surprised. Sure, with the right equipment you can survive in any environment. However, in order to be as comfortable as you can be, you should endeavour to research the location first so that you can prepare appropriately. In the same breath, you might find that a certain spot is no good for what you’re looking for, in which case you can research somewhere different instead.

2 – Not double checking your gear

It’s not uncommon for various items to get broken in transit (especially if you’ve not used them in a while and have leant them out to friends). So, before heading out into the great outdoors, you should double check that everything is in working order. Little things like popping the tent up in the garden. Sure, that might sound like a lot of effort to go to but which would you rather: popping it up in the garden and realising that something is either broken or missing, or doing it when you’re in the outback as the sun is beginning to set? Be prepared!

3 – Relying too heavily on a campfire

Yes, the best part about camping is setting up a fire and enjoying yourselves. However, you mustn’t rely too much on a fire. What this means is, there may come a time where you’re unable to find any suitable firewood because it was raining the night before. Or perhaps you can’t get a suitable position for cooking food over the fire. Thus, take a portable heater with you just in case, or ample clothing at the very least. You should also take a gas cannister / cooker. This means that if you can’t rely on a campfire for trying out your outdoor recipes, it doesn’t mean that you’re going to starve.

4 – Buying cheap

There’s a difference between cheap & affordable, so be careful when shopping for gear. There are certain items that you simply can’t skimp on, for example, your tent! That said, buying Affordable Camping Matson the other hand, is different. Affordable doesn’t mean poor quality, it simply means that you won’t be paying through the roof for a simple product.

5 – Arriving too late

You should always set off with more than enough time so that when you arrive at your destination, you still have plenty of day left to set up and settle down. You don’t want to turn up just as the sun is starting to set and trying to get everything sorted in time. It’s not a great way to start your adventure, believe us.

In any case, provided that you follow these easy tips and do plenty of research beforehand, you really shouldn’t run into any troubles at all!