Signs it’s Time to Hire a Tree Lopper

If you have trees on your property, then you will have to afford them a certain level of care and upkeep over the years in order to keep them happy and healthy. But how can you tell when it’s time to call in the professional for a bit of TLC? In this article, we’re going to take you through some clear signs it’s time to hire a tree lopper.

Your tree/s are growing wild

When left to their own devices, trees can get a little out of control in terms of growth. Certainly, it’s nice to have a natural looking landscape on your property, but its also important to try and keep the trees in check. For example, if your trees are growing a little wild, the branches might become problematic, towering close to your property, or the powerlines. Branches can also grow in on themselves and start hindering the healthy growth of other branches or become tangled and entwined with other trees. This kind of behaviour can lead to all manner of problems and should be rectified immediately. If your trees are looking a little unruly and you think that they could do with a tidy up, then hire a tree lopper to prune your tree and restore it to a more natural and healthy looking shape.

Your tree looks sick or dying

Branches can die for any number of reasons, such as not getting enough sunlight, or due to a fungal infection, pests & diseases. In any case, dying or dead branches can be problematic. This is because A) they can be a terrible hazard for anyone walking underneath the tree, and B) if it is a fungal infection, you wouldn’t want it to spread throughout the tree and cause it to become sick beyond repair. Call a tree lopper to come and inspect your tree, they will identify the probable cause of the dying branches, and then proceed to have them removed safely and appropriately.

Your garden is not getting enough sunlight

The canopy of a tree can grow especially dense, which can lead to a lack of sunlight in your garden, subsequently effecting the other plant life beneath. If this is a growing concern of yours, then it might be worth calling the professionals to come out and take a look for you. Through pruning techniques, they will be able to thin the canopy and thus, allow more sunlight to make it through to your garden. Not only is this better for your other plants, but the tree itself.


You don’t necessarily need a better reason to hire a tree lopper other than the fact that you want to. You might simply want your trees aesthetically improved, and a professional tree lopping service will be the perfect solution. In any case, no matter what reason for needing assistance, make sure that you call only the very best.