If you’re an employer, then you’ll know too well how difficult it can be to motivate and inspire your employees, particularly in an office or sales environment. The fact is, it’s a tough job, especially if you’re sat in front of a desk all day. It’s incredibly easy to lose focus and to get distracted by other members of the team. So, how can you go about genuinely inspiring your employees to work a little harder and to want to achieve? In this post, we’re going to look at some of the top incentives that actually work!

1 – Destination Management

Incentives like using destination management services are among the most effective. It’s because it offers your employees the prospect of having a “mini holiday” of sorts. The opportunity to get away from the grind, and the mundanity of their day-to-day and to see a new part of the country/world.

There are many levels that you can choose with destination management. It could be as simple as taking your top performers to a local venue, or to the other side of the world for some genuine team building and relaxation times.

You might think that it’s a little too expensive to invest in, however, you need to look at the benefits of doing as such. With such an awesome incentive in place, your employees will go above and beyond to secure their spot on such a trip. That, and the value in bringing your employees together outside of work is certainly not to be snuffed at!

2 – Offer an “idea bounty”

This is less about getting your employees to work harder, and more about inspiring them to contribute more to the culture of the business. For example, you might offer them $40 AUD, to come up with a new idea that can be implemented into the business. Or, you may even offer shares from new and innovative ideas that can help to improve services, products and the way that your business operates. Something like this will give them a greater sense of purpose and belonging within in the company, especially if one of their ideas takes off!

3 – Mix up the working day

Does it have to be 9-5 every single day? Can you afford to let staff in an hour or two later and to work on a little later in exchange? Or to give them the option at least? Or you could even incentivise staff with an early finish, or extra days off for top performers. Try to mix it up as often as you can so that your employees can experience the benefits of flexibility. Of course, some members of staff with families will value the regularity of their routine. However, others might value a bit of a change now and again!

4 – Unwind in work

Work can be stressful, so it’s important that you give your employees a way of blowing off some steam. You could set up a mini gym with yoga mats and punch bags! Use your imagination. In fact, why not ask them for some input and see what they’d like?


These are just a few little ideas to get the creative juices flowing. There are plenty of ways to incentivise your staff, and many of them don’t event need to cost you money! It’s about creating ways to reward your employees, and to help them have more fun in their roles.

Of course, if you’d really like to reward them, then we would wholeheartedly recommend that destination management services mentioned above. A reputable company like Funktionality will be able to offer you some incredible destination incentives which are guaranteed to inspire your employees to go above and beyond!