Particularly if you’re looking into buying a home and investing in a mortgage, then you’re going to need to have a relatively intact credit rating. This can be incredibly frustrating, especially if you were rather careless with money in your youth and have made some mistakes.  

That said, it’s not as impossible as you might imagine! There are steps that you can take towards building your credit score back up without having to stress all that much. In this post, we’re going to look at ways in which you can bolster your credit rating so that you will be more likely to secure the best possible home-loan for you!  

1 – Always pay your bills on time  

If you’ve fallen into some pretty poor habits, then it’s time to sort your act out. Yes, life can be expensive, but there are certainly ways of cutting back and ensuring that you pay your bills on time, every time. Just because you’ve got a history of inconsistency with paying bills, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be able to get organised. If you can demonstrate that you can pay bills on time for at least a year, you’ll notice a change in your credit rating.  

2 – No more credit!  

If you can’t afford it, don’t buy it. The best way to build up your credit score is to stop applying for new credit. Simply pay your existing bills on time and get on with it. Once you’ve remained discipline for some time, you new and improved credit score should enable you to get a home loan, which is the end goal here.  

3 – Pay off your debts  

You might not be able to afford to pay off all of your debts, but if you can prioritise a few of the smaller bills first and get them out of the way then you should do so. By paying off old debts and not applying for new credit for a while, your credit score will sky-rocket once more.  

4 – Stop spending on your credit cards  

Unless you can pay something off immediately, you should avoid spending unnecessarily on your credit cards.  

5 – In fact, leave your credit cards alone  

If you can hold on to a clean and tidy credit account for a while, then you’ll be rewarded with a decent credit score over time. Just leave your cards alone, make your payments on time and relax. If you can try to discipline yourself to spend only what you have, before long you’ll be in a position to get a decent loan. And how knows! You might even end up being able to save a lot of money to put down as a deposit.  


Once you’re confident that you’ve worked hard on your credit score and you’ve got it to where you need it to be, you can reach out to a reputable mortgage-broker like Multi Choice. That way, you can find the best possible home loan for you, based on your circumstances and affordability. Following that, you’ll be one step closer to getting yourself on the property ladder!