How to properly reward a hardworking employee

Your employees are the literal backbone of your business, whether it’s handling your existing clients and thinking creatively to solve their issues and enquiries in as efficient and professional a manner as your industry and company requires. Or maybe they are based on the technical side, handling the services and placement of orders and products that your company sells or managing and applying y0our services to clients. Whatever their role there will always be workers who do what is required. And then occasionally there are workers who always give their 100% effort, those go-to employees that you can always turn to if you need to get something important done, you really can’t squander talent and enthusiasm like that and occasionally, you will need to go above and beyond what people would normally expect in terms of recognition for their achievements and just wear your heart on your sleeve and let them know how appreciative you are of their assistance.

So maybe its time you made a big deal out of the hard work that they do and plan to award them with something, whether that be in private or in front of the entire office is really up to you and which you think that the employee would prefer. Now rather than just a paper “employee of the month” certificate, why not push the boat out for those hardest working of employees and buy them a gift of some description to truly show them what they mean to you as an employee, but what kind of things are appropriate to buy an employee for this kind of occasion? Let us give you a few suggestions that you might not have thought of just yet.


Who doesn’t love a bit of cake? Whether it’s sickly and deliciously sweet chocolate cake, or a smaller and attractively presented assortment of cupcakes, or even really pushing the boat out and going for an ice-cream cake, filled with their favorite kind of ice-cream, it’s a sure fire way to immediately indicate just how much you care for your employee. You see in our heads we associate cakes and other party style foods with important celebrations, and being presented with a cake for something that we achieved will pull us back to that childlike feeling of being the special person for the moment on our birthdays. After all, food is one of the most memorable things that humans can experience that isn’t an emotion itself.

Turn it into a team bonding experience by planning a surprise presentation of the cake at their desk, with everybody coming together, no not just to try and snatch a piece of cake, heavens no. Obviously they will be coming to offer their most sincere of congratulations on their achievement, and to discuss it in detail, whilst conveniently and naturally enjoying a piece of cake with you to mark the occasion. Or at least that’s what you would hope for. Nevertheless it still stands that cake is not only a great way to appreciate your employee but also to bond with your team and bring everybody together in the spirit of cake based goodness and give a small distraction form the monotony of an office job..


If however you want to keep things slightly more professional, but still add a cheerful and quirky twist on the tradional style of award, then why not think about getting a trophy made up and engraved with a record of exactly what they did for the company and how much that you as a business appreciate their hard work and continued support. However an internal office award is really not the Emmys and therefore should be approached with an air of humor and lightheartedness. Some businesses actually give scale models “Oscars” to their hardest working of employees to imply that for this month they are the “superstar” of the office.

So club together with a few of the other management figures in your office and come up with either some kind of personalized award for specific employee or team, or even think about instituting a monthly award system that comes with either a gift or a bonus of some description to motivate your team of employees to push the boundaries even further. Thanks for taking the time to read this article, please click the following link to find out more about trophy engraving.

What to look for in a pre-owned 4×4

Okay, so perhaps you’re thinking that it could be about time to buy a new car. Maybe your current car is starting to feel the effects of time and has become a nightmare to maintain, operate and just generally looks like it hasn’t got long before it will have to be completely overhauled, which may mean it’s more economical in the long run to go ahead and replace it. Or perhaps our current car is now unfit for purpose as it either is not spacious enough for your family or it simply doesn’t give you peace of mind in terms of the safety features that are installed in the car in order to protect yourself and the ones you care about. However when choosing your new car, why go for the same old kind of sedan that you have been driving for years when you can look into some more durable, practical and spacious alternatives that are available.

More and more people these days that used to drive your average sedan or saloon style cars have been increasingly changing their types of vehicles to four wheel drive and 4×4 equivalents in order to serve their motoring needs. This is partly due to the manufacturing costs being significantly reduced in recent years not only making the cars themselves cheaper but also more efficient that the 4×4’s of 30 years ago but also because of the way they have been redesigned and reinvented over the years to fit the aesthetic tastes of the public at large, but what are some of the main practical advantages of choosing a four wheel drive? Well hopefully in this article we can go through a few of these factors to help you make an informed decision.


Okay so this is one that you probably know already, however it still has to be stated. Due to the generally increased wheel base of most 4×4 style cars they, by definition of their design, have to be wider than a regular car, as such they are generally designed with more space in the passenger compartment giving you a much larger space in which to both sit and store and transport any items or equipment that you may need to in your day to day life. This is one of the reasons that regular and SUV type 4×4’s are popular with tradesmen and contactors of all kinds as they provide them with not only enough space to transport their equipment and materials from one job to the next but they also have a higher weight unload than a regular car meaning that they can withstand higher levels of weight that may be transferred from the tools and equipment to the chassis of the car.

They are also very popular among large or growing families as they generally have a multitude of different seating options allowing everybody to both properly and safely seated and at the same time comfortable. It also gives you the necessary space to store and transport all of the necessary items that they will inevitably have to bring with them. So going to the beach is no longer a hot cramped and uncomfortable deal that requires you sit with 4 rucksacks on your lap like some kind of human coat rack.


4×4’s have, as a rule of thumb, a far higher safety rating than regular cars, this is usually because of the way most 4×4’s and four wheel drives are designed. First of all that wider wheel base we discussed earlier gives extra stability to the vehicle making it harder to move and flipping head on collisions than a regular car. They also generally sit a good 8” to a foot higher than normal cars meaning that they will normally have a higher advantage in a collision with a normal car giving you extra clearance over the impact zone. These extra safety features can help give you peace of mind particularly when transporting your loved ones.

Some models of SUV and other four wheel drives actually realize that a huge part of their market is large families who turn to these vehicles for their practicality and relative safety, and actually offer variants of their cars with additional safety features built in. Thank you for reading this article, hopefully now you have a better understanding of the reasons for buying a 4×4. Please click on the following link for more advice on finding a good 4wd shop

Things you have to take into account when renovating

Renovating your home is an exciting, challenging yet rewarding process that will no doubt improve both the quality of the building itself and boost the enjoyment and pride that you can take away from your home, whether it be the renovation of a property that you already owned and want to rejuvenate it or whether you bought a house in a state of disrepair with plans to restore it to its former glory to either enjoy the next chapter of your life in it or to rent or sell it on to make a profit on your investment, it’s a process that requires careful budgeting, planning and time to spend in sourcing the right contractors and specialists to help you turn the slightly disheveled home into a palace again.

There will be much work to take into account that needs working out, for a start you will have to have the building inspected by an experienced homebuilder or contractor in order to assess the property and identify what could be done in terms of renovation, then you will need to arrange for an engineer or architect to come and plan out exactly how to turn your ambitious project into a reality. However with the enormous amount of work ahead of you it will pay to make sure you do things in a methodical and calculated way to avoid confusion and time lost. So we’ve compiled a list of jobs that often get put to the wayside in order to quickly and efficiently complete the work on time.

The garden

Now when the building work is being done, it’s no doubt that for the duration of the works the property is going to look as though some kind of bomb has landed on top of it, as plaster, wood and other items are ripped from the house in order to replace it or even as dramatic as part of the home requiring a demolition in order to proceed (which causes a significant amount of headaches and mess in itself) the home may not look improved for a long time. Add on top of that all of the equipment, machinery and supplies that will be used to construct the new property will need to be stored somewhere, and you can’t exactly store a 3 tine digger in the cupboard under the stairs can you?

So most of the time the bulk of the supplies and large equipment will be stored outside in your garden to keep it off of  public property and causing an obstruction to the public. And more often than not your garden will take quite a beating as things are left there for extended periods of time and workmen and vehicles carve their way over your lawn and other parts of the garden. SO make sure that while you have all of this equipment here that the last thing that they do is in some way help you prepare your garden for your future plans, such as leveling the ground, building up some raised beds or even digging a starting hole for a swimming pool which brings us around nicely to our second suggestion.

Pool plans

If you live in Australia for long enough you will notice that a lot of people have nicely decorated, designed and installed pools which not only adds to the salability and look of a home in general, it also offers hard working Aussies a chance to cool off after a day on the job and who doesn’t like the sound of that? So this is something that you should definitely look into getting squared away if you are planning to sell the home or move in straight away. As you may as well get everything finished and finalized before you need to arrange the home and gardens appearance and decoration.

For the most part, a decent pool renovation contractor will be able to guide you through any stage of the process, from digging the pool to resurfacing it. The resurfacing in particular should have close attention paid to it due to the effect that it will have on both the look of the entire garden and is actually one of the more creative and fun aspects of having your pool installed. Please click the following link for more information about pool renovations in Perth.

Is Fishing a Sport?


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Popular Fitness Programs

Popular Fitness Programs

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Australia’s Favourite Mountain Bike Trials

Mountain Bike Trials

For mountain bike fans, we have some of the most popular mountain bike trails in Australia. The most challenging routes for mountain bikers to test their biking skills are compiled in this blog post. There are routes for both professional mountain bikers as well as beginner bikers all around the country. Challenge yourself by buying a mountain bike at a mountain bike shop and try mountain biking to experience new adventures. Save your holiday time and go mountain biking around Australia. 

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