In this post we’re going to explore the main benefits of precise utility mapping services. This service is open for both government, commercial and residential purposes and can benefit each sector greatly. So, what is it exactly and how can it benefit you?

Precise utility mapping is the process of using a GIS (geographic information system) for the purpose of spotting any underground utility cables / pipes. This is essential for anyone who plans to excavate a particular plot and build upon it.

Ground penetrating radar1 – Real-time data in your hands

The benefits of using this type of service include having access to real-time data. You can have a precise mapping of any given area and see exactly where any obstacles might be. This level of information is crucial when it comes to saving time, money and effort.

2 – A more streamlined and efficient way to work

Gone are the days of having to speculate as to whether or not there might be utility cables or pipes underneath a given plot. By using utility detection services, you will be able to pinpoint exactly where anything is and relay that information back to the relevant parties. This shortens disaster response time, prevents any unnecessary delays in construction and allows for a much faster decision-making process.

3 – Easier asset management

When it comes to the maintenance, replacement or repair of the utilities on a plot of land that you own, GIS and utility detection services make life infinitely easier. Simply put: having access to this level of real-time information makes managing your assets a breeze. This is because you can accurately pinpoint where everything is, saving you money and manpower when trying to locate a particular problem.

4 – Save yourself money

Utility detection services is more prevention than anything else. By using such a service, you can save yourself the head-ache of running into any unnecessary issues. This in turn can save you an awful lot of money. For example: if you were having a swimming pool installed on your property, rather than just diving in head-first and excavating a spot blindly; you could check for any buried utilities before-hand. – Thus, preventing an expensive catastrophe.

Yes, utility detection services come at a price. However, you must consider the money saving implications involved (not to mention the time, effort that can be saved and the stress which can be avoided)

land5 – Essential for project planning

When it comes to any form of construction project, it’s always wise to use a utility detection service prior to planning. The information gained from using such a service will allow you to better plan your project and prevent any unnecessary and costly issues that might otherwise arise.

If you’re interested in exploring such a service further, then head over to a reputable website such as – There are many reputable companies out there with a wealth of information on their websites. Do your research and find the most suitable utility detection services for you.