Whether you’re looking to have your home windows tinted, or you’re in charge of a commercial application; finding the right company for you is a very big decision. Your home or your office are both very important, and so the decision should be made with careful consideration.

In this post, we’re going to look at tips for making the right decision and finding the ideal glass tinting company to assist you. First of all, we’re going to list a few of the clear benefits, before moving on to the tips.

tinting glassBenefits of window tinting

– Aesthetic appeal
– Reduced energy costs
– Additional privacy
– Heightened security
– Less glare
– Increased durability

These are just a few of the benefits that come with tinting your windows. Now, let’s look at how to go about finding the best company to apply the ting to your property.

1 – Don’t settle for the first company you find

There are a number of reputable and reliable window tinting companies on the market, so don’t rush in with the first one that you come across. For example: whilst we would recommend a company like SolarGraph Glass Tinting in Sydney, there are other reputable companies as well. So, our advice would be to pull up a few different companies and research them.

– What do they charge?
– How long have they been in business?
– How well are they reviewed?

Collate as much information as you can on several shortlisted glass tinting companies, and you’ll be able to make a more informed decision when the time comes.

2 – Cheap isn’t always best

Many people are tempted with the lowest prices. Remember that cheap doesn’t always mean the best value for money. It can often mean that a poor job will be done. However, if you find a well-balanced price, with guarantees and assurances in place, then you’ll be much better off.

We’re not saying that you should go for the most expensive either. Do your research and shop around, then you shouldn’t encounter any problems.

window glass tinting3 – Follow up testimonials and references

What better a way to judge a company and find out whether or not they’re worth their salt, then by speaking to their previous customers? You can view their testimonials on their website and social media pages. You should also ask if they have any references that you can follow up, to gauge their relationship with their clients.

4 – Reach out to friends on social media

Another great way of gauging a company and how reliable they are is by asking friends and family if they’ve had any dealings with the specific company, for example: a company like SolarGraph Glass Tinting. The odds are that someone in your group of friends will have had some experience with them, which can give you a clear indication as to whether or not they’re worth a look.


Ultimately, you should go with your gut instinct. You’ll get a good feeling for a company when you make contact and start exploring their website. However, you should still do a bit of research until you find a few that are well priced and have been receiving honest and decent reviews. Following that, you can go with whichever makes the most sense to you. Then, you can reap the benefits from having beautiful, tinted windows.