Some sports events are indoors and some are outdoors. People can enjoy the air conditioning while indoors and the natural breeze while outdoors. Both have their pros and cons, and different people prefer one from the other. Some people do not like to sweat outside while enjoying their favorite game, but some love the smell of nature (and sweat) to really enjoy the essence of the game. 

There are some events that can be conducted both indoor and outdoor. While indoors, everyone is protected with walls and ceilings from the elements. Outdoors, everyone is exposed to heat and rain, and sometimes even snow. High temperature and direct sun exposure are usually the biggest problems people face during an outdoor event. 

Heat from the sun can cause heat stroke. It is a condition caused by your body overheating as a result of prolonged exposure to high temperature.  

Prolonged exposure from the sun can also cause sunburn, heat rash, heat cramps and heat syncope (fainting) just to name a few. And a more serious long term problem: skin cancer. 

Although wearing sunblock or long sleeves and long pants can help protect the skin from the UV rays while under the direct heat of the sun, this may not be enough protection. Keeping the audience shaded and protected during outdoor sporting events is important for them to enjoy the game to the fullest. Their comfort has to be considered while planning and conducting an outdoor event.  

High powered electric fans (some with water sprays) will keep the audience cool and tents are highly needed in the summertime to protect them from direct sunlight. Gazebos are easily assembled and dismantled. They keep people protected from sun in the summer and rain during the rainy season. They are like portable ceilings or pop up event shelters.  

Gazebos for events are not useful just for the people attending the event. They are also beneficial for booths selling products during the game. Beverage, souvenir and ticket stands/booths can use gazebos for shelter. These people also must have protection while doing their job. Click here if you’re in need of excellent gazebos for events. 

Umbrellas can also come in handy during the summer. Most people think of umbrellas to protect themselves from rain, but they can also keep you shaded during the summer. Some umbrellas are made with UV protection materials. They are portable and easy to carry around; so you will be protected no matter where you go. 

It is also important for people to keep themselves hydrated throughout the day. Always have a water bottle handy, or drink stands are usually always available during such events. Not having enough liquid during a hot day can cause dehydration. 

Through sun and rain, the game must go on. If the players are still playing on the field, people would still like to be there and enjoy the match.