What’s very popular on the internet at the moment are ‘life hacks’. These are handy little lists that are compiled by people either in a YouTube video or somebody’s blog. They teach you tips and tricks to make certain tasks easier. In particular, we’re going to look at cleaning hacks! Now, there are plenty of awesome cleaning hacks out there which actually do work, – whether it’s for removing stains, cleaning furniture or washing your hair. That being said, there are also a few which don’t really work at all and are entirely pointless. In this post, we’re going to share 5 of those with you.

A wise move is before trying out any form of ‘life hack’, is by following up any other sources which confirm this. There are plenty of forums online where people will likely confirm that they’ve tried and tested it themselves and experienced success. Whereas you’ll find that other people will let you know when to avoid something at all costs. It’s all too easy to believe everything we read on the internet, so just be mindful. – the last thing you want is to use chewing gum to clean the ink off your favourite top only to realise that you’ve gone and ruined it entirely. (Not to suggest that you’re silly enough to intentionally rub chewing gum into your clothing)

Using Vinegar to Clean Surfaces

For one thing, vinegar is really smelly, so why anyone would want to use it for cleaning is beyond me. That being said, the main reason is because it can actually do a lot of damage to rubber sealing. Things like your fridge for example, should be cleaned properly, just in case.


Coconut Oil for Cleaning

Yes, coconut oil is incredibly useful for a number of applications, however it is an oil! It might work wonders for your skin, though it will certainly stain and ruin any fabrics it comes into contact with, so be careful.

coconut oil

Using Toothpaste for Cleaning Your Glasses

This is the big one! Many people have made the mistake of trying to clean scratches on their lenses using toothpaste. Not only will it likely make the scratch on your glasses worse, but toothpaste will actually remove the ‘lense’ effect, rendering your glasses completely useless.

Washing Clothes with a Salt Solution

If you want to ruin your washing machine, then go right ahead with this one. As it turns out, a salt solution does absolutely nothing for your clothes. There are plenty of purpose-built cleaning products out there which will keep your coloured clothing looking absolutely spanking!

Salt Solution

Deep Cleaning Your Washing Machine with Mouth-Wash

Have you ever heard anything more ridiculous than that? Why on earth would something which is safe to put in your mouth be any good for “deep-cleaning” a washing machine? In fact, mouth-wash will do absolutely nothing to your machine.


Try not to cut too many corners! If you find that you’re struggling to keep on top of your cleaning duties, why not look to hiring some professional help? Often, these sorts of cleaning hacks will only create more of a mess or do damage to your property. Instead, you should hire a company like Calibre Cleaning to help lighten the load.