Rugby and Soccer

Rugby and Soccer: Rugby is a free-flowing game that combines strength, speed and strategy to move a ball into an opponent’s territory. It’s a full-contact sport, but players wear little or no protective gear. Rugby evolved from football, often referred to as soccer in some countries, and it’s sometimes called the “Game Played in Heaven.”

Rugby stats might include score, attendance, officials, rosters, total goals, score sheets, scoreboards, and so on.

Soccer also involves teams trying to get a ball into their opponent’s goal, and earn points by doing so.

Soccer league stats might include results grid; form tables; streaks and sequences; over/under; winning margins; wide table; goals scored or conceded; both teams scored; goals per 10 min.; goals per 15 min.; who scored first; duration leading/trailing, and so on.

Soccer season stats might include home wins; draws; away wins; goals; goals p. match; both team scored; over 1.5 goals; over 2.5 goals; over 3.5 goals; goals p. match home; goals p. match away; average attendance; % goals scored on penalty; % goals scored after the 80th minute, and so on.