bike trialFor mountain bike fans, we have some of the most popular mountain bike trails in Australia. The most challenging routes for mountain bikers to test their biking skills are compiled in this blog post. There are routes for both professional mountain bikers as well as beginner bikers all around the country. Challenge yourself by buying a mountain bike at a mountain bike shop and try mountain biking to experience new adventures. Save your holiday time and go mountain biking around Australia.

1. Mornington Peninsula

The Mornington Peninsula is a 32 kilometre biking route suitable for beginners located in Point Nepean National Park. The route leads to the bay at the tip of the peninsular with double bike tracks. Along the way, the route is sometimes lush and sometimes sandy, but most of the way is sandstone, gravel mixed with topsoil and some dirt, which make this track more challenging. Along the way you can see hidden beaches which are only known by local people. As the route is in the national park, some areas are preserved areas to protect the environment and local animals. Please consider this when having a trip there.

You may need a full day to make a trip from Portsea to Cape Schank and return, so be prepared. Keep yourself hydrated and do not forget to pack some lunch and take water with you.

2. Smith Gully

The Smith Gully route for intermediate mountain bikers is a 48 kilometre route starting from Smith Gully general store. It is very easy to reach there, just a short drive from Melbourne, or you can take a train to Hurstbridge and then take a car to Smith Gully. Parking is available there.

Smith Gully site is surrounded by lush forest. The starting point at Smith Gully general store provides food, drinks and coffee within a beautiful environment. Start from the store, take Clintons road and head east for 100 metres. You will see the entrance of Boomer Reserve, which is open for mountain bikers, trail walkers and trail runners.

The route in Boomer Reserve twists and snakes through the eucalyptus forest and ends at the same point as where you started. You had better go on a clear sunny day because some parts of the route are slippery. The view of the mountains on a sunny day is stunning. You will not regret riding there.

3. Candlebark Park

A 13 kilometre route not far from Melbourne, the site is located around Yarra River and surrounded by lush eucalyptus forests. The name CandleBark came from the eucalyptus trees that look like candles. The trail is for intermediate mountain bikers with some challenging climbs. If you want to avoid too much climbing, go anti-clockwise. Some sections in Candlebark are very narrow, so you will need to be careful, some are beautiful snake routes with forests along both sides and some have adventurous jumping routes which increases the level of difficulty. You will find a few walkers here. This site is open 24/7 and is suitable for night riding.