Okay, so perhaps you’re thinking that it could be about time to buy a new car. Maybe your current car is starting to feel the effects of time and has become a nightmare to maintain, operate and just generally looks like it hasn’t got long before it will have to be completely overhauled, which may mean it’s more economical in the long run to go ahead and replace it. Or perhaps our current car is now unfit for purpose as it either is not spacious enough for your family or it simply doesn’t give you peace of mind in terms of the safety features that are installed in the car in order to protect yourself and the ones you care about. However when choosing your new car, why go for the same old kind of sedan that you have been driving for years when you can look into some more durable, practical and spacious alternatives that are available.

More and more people these days that used to drive your average sedan or saloon style cars have been increasingly changing their types of vehicles to four wheel drive and 4×4 equivalents in order to serve their motoring needs. This is partly due to the manufacturing costs being significantly reduced in recent years not only making the cars themselves cheaper but also more efficient that the 4×4’s of 30 years ago but also because of the way they have been redesigned and reinvented over the years to fit the aesthetic tastes of the public at large, but what are some of the main practical advantages of choosing a four wheel drive? Well hopefully in this article we can go through a few of these factors to help you make an informed decision.


Okay so this is one that you probably know already, however it still has to be stated. Due to the generally increased wheel base of most 4×4 style cars they, by definition of their design, have to be wider than a regular car, as such they are generally designed with more space in the passenger compartment giving you a much larger space in which to both sit and store and transport any items or equipment that you may need to in your day to day life. This is one of the reasons that regular and SUV type 4×4’s are popular with tradesmen and contactors of all kinds as they provide them with not only enough space to transport their equipment and materials from one job to the next but they also have a higher weight unload than a regular car meaning that they can withstand higher levels of weight that may be transferred from the tools and equipment to the chassis of the car.

They are also very popular among large or growing families as they generally have a multitude of different seating options allowing everybody to both properly and safely seated and at the same time comfortable. It also gives you the necessary space to store and transport all of the necessary items that they will inevitably have to bring with them. So going to the beach is no longer a hot cramped and uncomfortable deal that requires you sit with 4 rucksacks on your lap like some kind of human coat rack.


4×4’s have, as a rule of thumb, a far higher safety rating than regular cars, this is usually because of the way most 4×4’s and four wheel drives are designed. First of all that wider wheel base we discussed earlier gives extra stability to the vehicle making it harder to move and flipping head on collisions than a regular car. They also generally sit a good 8” to a foot higher than normal cars meaning that they will normally have a higher advantage in a collision with a normal car giving you extra clearance over the impact zone. These extra safety features can help give you peace of mind particularly when transporting your loved ones.

Some models of SUV and other four wheel drives actually realize that a huge part of their market is large families who turn to these vehicles for their practicality and relative safety, and actually offer variants of their cars with additional safety features built in. Thank you for reading this article, hopefully now you have a better understanding of the reasons for buying a 4×4. Please click on the following link for more advice on finding a good 4wd shop.