Stay Shaded and Protected in Sports Events

Some sports events are indoors and some are outdoors. People can enjoy the air conditioning while indoors and the natural breeze while outdoors. Both have their pros and cons, and different people prefer one from the other. Some people do not like to sweat outside while enjoying their favorite game, but some love the smell of nature (and sweat) to really enjoy the essence of the game.  [Read more…]

How martial arts can help your fitness goals

Many of us are looking to improve the image that we see in the mirror when we wake up every morning, some are concerned about the invasive presence of aging and to eliminate both the grey hairs and the wrinkles associated with it, or maybe even the styling of their hair and makeup. However something that everybody can relate to is the desire for a slimmer, more toned and healthier looking body that really extenuates your natural looks. This is not only for aesthetic reasons but also your overall health. After all if you don’t look after your body then who will?  However the traditional method of just relentlessly hitting the gym and doing the same old cycle of exercises can be extremely boring and one under looked way of spicing up your workout regimen is to begin practicing some kind of martial art. [Read more…]

Is Fishing a Sport?


There has always been a debate about whether if fishing is a sport. So what is a sport? If you ask someone this question, they will probably say that football, Basketball and Rugby are sports and no one will ever categorize fishing in the same group as these “sports”. Well, the dictionary says that a sport is an activity that needs physical exertion, something that requires certain skills and that is competed by an individual or a team against another for entertainment. [Read more…]